Suffolk County


Unparalleled power washing services of the Hamptons. We strive for satisfaction with each and every customer that becomes a part of the East End Hamptons Brand. At East End Hamptons, we believe in prompt and detailed services that you would expect in the Hamptons; a true worry-free experience.



Our Suffolk County power washing services can safely sanitize, and restore chaos and unsightly green algae or moss from anywhere on your property!


A brightened look can greatly alter the appearance of a home or business, bringing value and enjoyment back into place.


Protect your home’s value, your products’ warranties. Your siding, fencing, pavers or decking. Protect those from slipping on your walkways.

“When you love what you do, it’s done in the best quality.”

East End Power Washing prides in years of Suffolk County power washing services. With our expertise, and eco-friendly soft wash system your home will look better than it ever did. Rest assured, our techniques will not void any manufacturer warranties and your surfaces will never be marred. Choose East End Power Washing’s Suffolk County power washing services for a guaranteed satisfying wash.
Affordability and quality; a not-so-rare find with our Suffolk County power washing services. East End Power Washing prides in quality work, repeat business, and fair pricing. Our Power Washing business originated in the Hamptons, and we have have expanded throughout all of Suffolk County. Our skill and professionalism are the reasons clients choose us year after year to add value to their home or business.

Our Services Include


Our low pressure cleaning is a method to clean homes using water and other safe cleaning agents and surfactants. A house wash includes spotless Siding, Soffits, Window Trims, and Garage Door(s).


Our roof power washing service utilizes special organic chemical technology with little to no water pressure – designed to kill all mold, remove all stains, and enhance the roofs curb appeal with zero damage.


Deck Washing is essential on Long Island. Without scarring or damaging the surface, remove all deck stains, mold, algae, and dirt from your decking for a cleaner, smoother walk! A guaranteed longer lasting clean.

Fence Power Washing: PVC/Wood Fencing

Yard perimeter fences are known for a lot of mold/algae build up. Use our fence power washing service to restore and brighten your fences to like-new again!

Stone Patio Power Washing: Concrete, Paver, Bluestone

Concrete cleaning is performed with our Surface Cleaner which provides a new like finish instantly. Perfect for restoring patios, driveways, pool patios, stepping stones, walkways, etc.


Gutter cleaning is not as easy of a task as one would think, the oxidation on the gutters does not come off with power washing and detergents. Gutter cleaning done by hand with care.

Pressure Washing vs Power Washing

Power washing is essentially the same as pressure cleaning, except a pressure cleaning tool is used for an even and professional look in areas that require it. Pressure washing depends entirely on the force coming out of the pressure cleaning device to remove the debris on hard surfaces.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is used typically on exteriors of homes and roofs. In order to prevent damage to sensitive surfaces – such as cedar, roof shingles, painted shingles, vinyl & aluminum siding. Eco-friendly chemicals and heated water aid in the removal of algae, mildew, and mold buildup. Your home can brute the harsh outdoor elements, but it’s surfaces are truly delicate. First, a chemical soak is applied, and then the dirt and mold is removed with a hose pressure output that is just a step above a regular garden hose; relying mostly on the chemicals.